What is You Me Us?

What is You Me Us?

We kind of wondered that in the beginning as well… Some may think we are weird, we just like to do things different and have fun!

The thing we do know is that our family really loves to travel! We also like to go on vacations by car. The good stories and the most memorable places we have been to, is the ones that we did not plan. After many different vacations with the same experience, we decided this year to enjoy our summer holiday in our fabulous family car through Europe,- with no plans what so ever! And to make this even more interesting invite people to take part in our holiday as we go by share tips and suggestions on where to go

How to?

To make this happen we have started up this blog together with our Facebook and Instagram account so that we can share photos, videos and stories as we go. You can say that we would probably do that anyway on our private social platform, but we like to take it even further. We will be LIVE through all of Europe from outside our car. Streaming minute by minute. Everyone that wants to follow us have the opportunity to take part in our journey as we go by car. We will also have cameras inside the car (not live) and off course do some LIVE movies when we visit different places.

Sneak Peek Visit?

Our idea of Sneak Peek Visit also started up from our previous vacations where we meet locals sharing good stories, tips and guiding us to the most beautiful places ever! Because of that we will invite local people, both known and not so known names and let them guide us to their favorite spots. We do some here in Norway before we go, and hoping to do some more of them at the different towns, cities, villages we are visiting this summer.







Who wants to follow?

Everyone can follow! From every country! We hope to inspire every family with children to see how beautiful a vacation in a car can be! Also hoping everyone that loves to travel to new and exciting places wants to join us around Europe. They can all take part and also give us tips on where to go, and we will go! Are you around? Maybe we can meet up? Please make contact! We also have received interest from foreign media so therefor this blog in english today to explain more about what our plans are.


Yes, live 🙂 In Norway we all know something we call Slow-Tv (sakte-tv). One good example is MS Hurtigruta which goes along all of our beautiful Norwegian coast,- it is a beautiful and spectacular journey! They placed a camera on top of this big boat and everyone that wanted to see the Norwegian coast was able to join by web. It was a huge hit! We will do the same by car!

We are counting down…..the 5th of July we will go 🙂



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