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Press release:

Interactive road-trip.

2 adults and 3 kids around Europa.

From the 5thof July to the 31stof July the Eriksson family are heading out on their summer holiday. Where they go is not decided, so they are counting on help from locals around Europe to figure out where they go next. Through their blog and social media everyone can contribute and take part in their trip. The trip will be broadcast minute by minute live TV through a camera on the roof of their car so everyone can see where they are and how they are going. 



The family is made up of mother and father, 2 boys aged 4 and 6, daughter aged 9 and the car used is a Ford SMAX. The European road-trip will be documented through live streaming, slow TV, minute by minute.


The idea of the “SneakPeek Visit” is to invite local people they meet along their way, into the car and get them to show them their home town and favourite places. The family will summarise each day’s events with video, photos, ”SneakPeek Visit” and a story on their blog

The purpose of the road-trip is to inspire others, let the kids experience different cultures, show the kids that you do not always have to plan everything, that road-trips are cool and last but not least spending quality time with the family.


”We’ll take it as it comes for 26 days on the road. The rest of the year is planning as usual.”


The family are hoping with the help of their followers on social media and, to visit Europe’s well known places plus also discover some hidden jewels along the way, all while making memories for life. The family’s best experiences and memories might be made from not having any expectations about the next destination.


All the kids onboard have their own wishes and expectations for what they want to experience. Filip wants to find Messi or another player from Barcelona FC – will the family manage to get one on a “SneakPeek Visit”? Of course they will find Messi!!


The family has been on many road-trips before and will share many practical travel tips before, during and after their holiday on




For more information please contact: Maria Therese Laug Eriksson, +47 97709812 , is a travel blog that wants to inspire others to think outside the box while sharing practical travel tips and ideas. 


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